YouTube SEO – Improve YouTube Ranking, Views, Subscriptions & Channel Traffic

YouTube ranking is different than Google Ranking. Have you ever published a video with quality content but still it did not rank and had very fewer views? Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the factors that will help your new as well as exiting videos rank higher.

These are some of the top rank higher on YouTube –

Increase The Number of Comments

Comments seem to be an important ranking factor. We found that the number of comments on a video is closely related to higher rankings. The question is, how can you get more of these on your video?

You will find that most channels on YouTube will use “leave a comment” or “let me know what you think about my video”, but questions like this might confuse some people. A large number of tests have proven that adding a guiding slogan to the end of the video is the most effective and give your audience a specific topic to discuss.

“Let me know which of the 5 tips from the video you will try first”. You can mention a short summary of the 5 tips in the comment section or description. This makes it easier for people to leave messages, as you have directed them to think and make choices. In this way, your video comments can greatly increase.

It looks like a good title, but we can prefix the keywords to make the title more search engine friendly, and write “Strengthening Biceps: My Best 5 Tips”.

Suppose if your video is about strengthening biceps, you may write a title like “My 5 Best Tips to Strengthen the Biceps” or “My Best 5 Tips for Strengthening Biceps”.

Pre-keyword in video title

Use tags correctly & add keyword variants

Tags are designed to help search engines understand the theme and content of your videos. You need to only include a few relevant tags. In fact, if you use a lot of tags, this will only confuse YouTube and Google’s search engines. If YouTube doesn’t understand what your video is about, it won’t know where to rank and position your video. That is why it is recommended that you use a few but highly accurate tags in videos.

In the YouTube search drop-down box, you can easily find close matching variants of your keywords. These keywords are also called LSI keywords, but the premise is that it should match your video content. It is important to target long-tail keywords. These long-tail keywords have higher intent as well as low competition, which leads to increased CTR. Where and how to find long-tail keywords? In the drop-down box, you can see YouTube’s recommended long-tail keywords, these long-tail words are the perfect variant of your keywords.

Finally, select one or two generic words as the final tag. A generic term is a description of the overall theme and/or industry of your video. The purpose of using these generic words is to tell YouTube about the background of your video so that he can locate your video more clearly.

The relation between CTR and thumbnails

You may already know that video CTR is also an important factor that affects rankings. In other words, if your video CTR is higher than the average of search results, YouTube will improve your ranking. So the question is, how do I get more clicks?

These are the few tips for optimizing CTR –

  • Use numbers such as 5 Tips, 10 Mistakes
  • Interjections, such as WOW, Surprising Results
  • Do not use the same colour as YouTube theme colours
  • Use a customized Thumbnail

As we can see on the website, YouTube’s main colors are red, white and black. Therefore, if you use the same colors in thumbnails, it won’t stand out. So it is suggested using colors that are the opposite of YouTube’s main colors, like yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, orange, etc.

Second, write big and eye-catching words on the thumbnail, the number of words should ideally be less than 30 characters. There are no specific standards for fonts, font sizes, and typography. After all, this is related to pictures and video content. If you don’t have a concept, it is recommended to look at other people’s aesthetics on YouTube and draw inspiration.

Add blog elements to the video description

I believe that a large number of people do not write descriptions or only write short descriptions after uploading videos. Rich descriptions can help YouTube better understand your video content. That’s why it is suggested that you try to write 100 to 200 words in the video description (similar to a small blog post). There are no special requirements on the layout and format of the description but it is important thing is that the description needs to be well related to the video content.

It should summarize the content in your video as much as possible and make a reasonable layout. Regardless of whether the video content is about a product, reality show or a gaming channel, you can write down the general content of the video in the description. Once you have done the video description, it will inevitably attract the attention of search engines.

Increase video time

Through a lot of video analysis, we found that long videos rank better than short videos. In fact, our data shows that the average video on the first page is about 14 minutes long. Why is this? In fact, a few years ago, YouTube mentioned, “We prefer videos that viewers spend more time watching.”

If your video is longer and engaging, viewers will naturally spend more time on your video. It is recommended to keep the video length to a minimum of 10 minutes, which is the best interval for almost all the most popular videos.

Add parentheses to your video title

One of the easiest ways to increase your video’s click-through rate is to add parentheses to your video title. In fact, according to HubSpot survey results, simply adding parentheses to video titles will increase video click-through rates by 38%. For example, for the video “Homemade Ice Cream In 5 Minutes”, we can optimize it to “Homemade Ice Cream In 5 Minutes (6-Step)”. Another example is “Strengthening Biceps: My Best 5 Tips”, we can optimize it to “Strengthening Biceps: My Best 5 Tips (Fast!)”.

Let YouTube recommend your video

YouTube optimization doesn’t just improve the ranking of videos in search results. In fact, you can get more views from the recommended videos. Promoted videos mean your video appears in the sidebar of other videos.

The best way to make your video appear next to popular videos is to use the same tags as similar top ranking videos. When YouTube sees that some of your tags are the same as those popular videos, it will recommend your videos in the sidebar of those popular videos.

How to check the tags used by others’ videos? Click the right mouse button on the video page to view the source code of the webpage. After entering the source code page, press Ctrl + F and enter keywords.

Then you can see the tags used in this video. Next, copy some of the tags into your video. If your video is high quality and very close to popular video content themes. YouTube will then start putting you in the sidebar of this video as a recommended video.

Upload high-quality videos

Make sure your video is high quality (720p or above). As 68.2% of the videos on the YouTube homepage are HD videos.

Add the current year to your video title

YouTube users prefer to see the latest, relevant videos. So, how do you let viewers know that your video content is still valid today? You can do this by adding the current year to your video title. For example, “Is This Product Still Worth It In 2019?”, “How To Start a YouTube Channel (2019)”.

When you add the current year to the video title, your video will immediately appear in the search results and as a recommended video in the sidebar, which means you will get more clicks and views. You can use plugins like VidIQ and TubeBuddy to help you throughout the keyword and tags analysis process.