Letters Coming Back In Trend With Wax Seals, Perfume & Flowers

Today, sending emails, SMS, fax, instant messaging, voice and video calling doesn’t feel like an unusual thing to do. But there was a time, where letters were the only means of communication. It took days for it to reach a long-distant relative or a friend. And even more days to get a reply.

But fortunately, writing letters haven’t completely gone out of existence. It is actually coming back in trend in more creative ways. Here’s what makes handwritten letters worth the wait –

It Conveys Emotions

Writing letters to your loved ones will be a different experience for you as well as the receiver. You will choose your words carefully as you will be aware that there is no room for mistakes. On the other hand, you might also pen down all your unfiltered thoughts.

Beautiful Wax Seals & Stamps

Source – https://www.instagram.com/p/B-SDT26h_ew/

Wax sealing was originally used only by eminent individuals such as bishops, monarchs and royal spokespeople to authenticate documents. Now, it has become a hobby with some videos even going viral and getting millions of views. Many have also claimed that these videos come in ASRM category and helps them relax. It adds value and permanence to letters, envelopes, certificates and documents.

Wax seals can be used for making DIY invitations for special events such as a wedding, gift wrapping, birthday, and festival cards and much more. It adds a beautiful, vintage touch to your handwritten piece. If you are a beginner, you can find wax seal kits with was sticks, candle, spoon and stamps on Amazon.

You can also choose a spoon, stamp, wax beads or sticks separately if you have an idea and want to personalize your collection.

Though gold, silver and pearl look strikingly good, we can find colourful wax seals too. These are the simple steps you need to follow for

  1. These nugget sized pieces need to be placed in a small spoon
  2. Melt it carefully over the candle and avoid overheating
  3. Pour the melted wax on a clean surface
  4. Place the stamp and let it cool for 5-10 minutes

Experiment With Different Materials

Everyone has a different handwriting, and that’s exactly what makes handwritten letters different from an e-mail or printed ones. You can try different coloured pens, doodle around or get creative by glueing some pictures, cut-outs and pop-ups, fabrics and much more.

Add Your Favourite Perfumes

Spritzing your favourite perfume will add a very personal touch to your written message. Avoid directly spraying it on the paper, instead, you can spray your favourite perfume on a cotton ball and put the letter & cotton ball inside a zip lock bag and store it for 3-4 hours. This method prevents staining the paper and makes the perfume last longer. free to comment below your experience of sending or receiving a handwritten letter as well as ways to make letter writing more fun!