Top 5 Spy & Hacking Apps – How Do They Work?

With the digital era blooming tremendously, the concerns over hacking and data breaching have also gathered attention. While ethical hacking is legitimate, still many of the top spy apps offered on Android are not completely legal. Even some free spy apps, available on the widely used Android app store and iOS are available for use for anyone from a trained hacker to an amateur one.

How Do These Spy App Work?

We fall prey to hacking apps because they are unknowingly installed on our smartphones, and then they fetch all data to eventually upload it on the server. These apps can obtain information such as phone calls, text messages, banking details, photos, passwords, and other sensitive information. The user doesn’t

These apps can access phone calls, text messages and other sensitive information. So, when you are dialling someone using these apps, oblivious to its presence, automatic tapping of call takes place for the person to hear, who has access to the hack app data server. Similar things occur with messages, banking details, photos, Wi-Fi and account passwords, etc.

Top Spy Apps for Android and iOS Phones

1. SpyBubble

It is a very popular app available on android. You need to install the app on the person’s phone whom you want to spy. Then, you will just have to log in with your credentials and it’s ready to use. Real-time GPS tracker, call recorder and messages viewing, everything can be done with SpyBubble. So, it is potentially a dangerous app for the kind of features it is offering for just $20. Frankly, this is a great deal for a spy because you rarely get similar reliable sources as free spy apps.

2. FlexiSpy

This app has strong spying software that has been reviewed by experts across the world. Its feature of call interception is one of a kind, seldom found in other easily available spy apps today. It is essentially a background app that can work silently and can record calls, text messages, Emails and can have access to social media accounts as well. All this information is recorded and uploaded to web-based servers that can then be accessed by the spy just by logging in with their credentials. The saving grace is, that it can only be installed if the target phone is rooted or a jailbreak is done on it. Available in premium and extreme versions, it is expensive to purchase.

3. mSpy

The best spy app available on iOS is mSpy. The app has a great support network and is reliable for obtaining data securely. It offers all regular features and some unique powerful spying add-on features. The pricing and features complement each other, leading to increased usage. The only drawback for a spy is that its advance features only work on a jailbroken iPhone.

4. Aircrack-ng

This one is not among those multi-feature spy apps but can hack Wi-Fi networks and passwords easily. Available on Android, this app can be used to hack Wi-Fi passwords and using free data henceforth.

5. SpyFone

This app is widely used by hackers because of its wide range concerning spying on messaging apps. It can offer a keylogging facility and the worst part is that it does not require rooting of the Android phone. The app is completely hidden in the target phone and runs in the background. One can monitor the website and browsing history as well. With all this, SpyFone has great technical support as well. But again, some powerful features require jailbreak or root.

6. iKeyMonitor

This one is a basic app but still preferred highly by hackers. This is because it is easily compatible with iOS and Android while it costs 30 Dollars/month when you take an annual subscription. It can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, can take screenshots, offers most features without Jailbreak or Rooting but is not worthy of its cost because at the end of the day it offers only basic features to a spy, however smooth they may be.

Final Verdict

So, in the end, the fair assessment of any spy app can only be done by considering its installation, features, and pricing altogether. The apps mentioned above are common options that are preferred for spying. Most importantly, they are legitimate and have not been under scrutiny by legal authorities. Be aware and always check your phones for these threats.