Top 5 Infotainment Channels To Watch Online On YouTube

Ever since its launch, YouTube was bound to be a tremendous phenomenon because of the kind of appeal that the visuals and videography have among the general population. With every passing year, its popularity increased and the content became better. It was then when we saw the advent of infotainment channels on YouTube that emerged with the basic premise of delivering information most engagingly.

Infotainment Channels on YouTube

The endeavours taken up by many YouTubers saw the light of success instantly and at present, these infotainment channels make some serious money as well. Talking about the viewers, these channels have made life easier. They cater to everyone with even infotainment channels for kids gaining popularity.

YouTube makes it easier for anyone to browse through various topics. Unlike watching infotainment channels on TV, where you have to watch the telecasted show, YouTube lets you select and search for absolutely anything that interests you.

Let’s take a look at the top infotainment channels on YouTube today.


TED-Ed started in 2012 and focuses on producing at least three videos every week. The channel functions as an extension of the already existing TED Ex channel, having the aim of making great education accessible along with great ideas. These videos have been viewed by several students across the world. They have an impressive amalgamation of animations and educational content, put across simply.


This channel started by a group of YouTubers who believe that the world had so much information yet no suitable way of presenting them. With this in mind, the journalists at Vox decided to make concise videos to cover all relevant information about the current happenings in the world ranging over all possible domains. They produce 2 extensively researched videos per week. They make videos about people, culture, history, sports, music from all over the world.


Counted among the oldest infotainment YouTube channels, SmarterEveryDay started in 2007 in the United States. Explaining complex everyday life happenings with easy explanations and experiments, this channel has immense popularity with over 8 million subscribers at present.


WIRED is among those organizations that have not just made it big in the print media domain, but also on YouTube. Videos are uploaded regularly about tons of matters and situations from history and the present. The channel has an extensive following because of how the experts in these videos present relevant information in exciting manners.


BBC is amongst the largest media organizations in the world. Having a great reputation for the quality and the authenticity of their content, BBC channels on YouTube are a great source of information. Their video topics range from World affairs to Geography and even regional issues. Having made a mark in the infotainment sector on YouTube, people continue to like these videos. This is because they are crisp and only present with relevant information about any issue or matter that they want to see.

Key Takeaway

These were only a few among the best infotainment handles you will see on YouTube. Apart from this, you can expect to find a great infotainment channel for almost any field you want to explore. Making education truly accessible and helping thousands across the globe, these infotainment channels on YouTube are becoming an integral part of learning.