The 10 Best e-Learning Apps in 2020

Learning is said to take place when you continuously gather knowledge, improve your proficiency and use it to change your personality. This modification in your capabilities and behavior can be brought about by education.

The rather prevalent concept of education today is fundamentally wrong. This is because most of us feel, that completing elementary, getting a degree and then becoming eligible for a job shall put an end to learning. But seldom do we realize that constant learning is a vital life process and is an important driving force that keeps redefining our existence.

For most people, a problem with learning has not been the intent but the lack of resources. But even that issue has been resolved now with digital advancements. The educational apps available on mobile phones are a quality resource for continuing education at any age and level. Learning with them is easy, comprehensive and according to the learner’s will.

Best Educational Platforms in 2020

Talking about the best educational apps, let us take a look at the top 10 educational apps available today –


BYJU’s is considered to be India’s largest educational app. It is available on various mobile operating systems. The best feature of the content available on this app is that it is an original presentation, which is supplemented with animations and easy explanations. Course structure deals with most of the major examinations. Apart from this, they provide education for elementary levels and primary school children as well. This makes it a comprehensive platform that supports learning at all levels. You can visit their official website to learn more.


Being founded by Roman Saini, a top ranker in almost all major exams in India himself, the Unacademy app has surfaced as a colossal entity among education apps for students. From providing the luxury of choosing an online educator matching your requirement for giving study material and resources for almost all subjects, Unacademy has become the first choice for many E-learners today. Visit to know more about this newly launched e-learning platform.


A leading name in the field of skill-based learning, Udemy has been praised by many of its users. Teaching skills ranging from public speaking to even mastering Adobe apps, Udemy stands out as a unique learning app. You can explore many top free as well as paid courses such as Designing, photography, Sales, Marketing, CRM, Personal Development, Digital Marketing, Web Development & much more. Follow this link to their official website –


It is an online learning platform that offers more than 1000 courses in science, technology, and mathematics. Key features of teaching include video lessons, assignments, and interactive sessions and a certificate of completion after finishing a course. This platform not only offers free skill courses but paid diploma, degrees from universities across the world. There are also on-demand training and development programs for companies looking to upskill their workforce. Register now on the official website.


The best thing about is that it is a non-profit organization that offers good quality courses and certifications at minimal to zero cost. Many learners have reported that it is a bit complicated to follow, still, it has managed to maintain its reputation among the best learning apps. It offers MicroBachelors Program, MicroMaster Program, XSeries, & Professional Certificates from esteemed institutes like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago and many more. Visit to explore more.

Khan Academy

“We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”

Started with the aim of teaching complex topics with short lesson videos, has become a popular online learning platform, offering useful courses with the motive of providing completely free education to every child. You can choose to learn Science & Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance, Math for students in class 1 to 12 and much more.


When it comes to the teaching school curriculum and addressing students’ doubts online Meritnation has made its mark. Offering a variety of free and paid services, has emerged as a premier educational app in India. This platform has already delivered around 80,000+ hours of live classes to students from class 1st to 12th. It also has NCERT solutions & coursework for engineering as well as medical entrance exam preparations.


Toppr is a new name in the industry, yet delivers quality content as an educational platform. It caters to students from class 5-12. offers free live lessons, online classes to start at own pace, mock tests, live doubt sessions and much more. It covers courses from over 20 boards, 60 competitive exams, and 40 different subjects.

Shaw Academy

Another educational app crafted with the sole objective of quality education for everyone. is for anyone looking for learning a new skill from Photoshop, digital marketing, sports & nutrition, cryptocurrency web design & much more. It is aimed at teaching curriculum at a faster pace but providing the learning experience according to the convenience of the student.


Talking about education apps for students for kids, is one interesting virtual education app. While the content is great, it also helps the teachers and parents to interact with each other for better learning of the child. Motivation and reinforcement methods are used to teach kids.

This was a list of some of the top learning apps currently available. All of them have revolutionized education in many ways and therefore have a strong recommendation from our side for those who are willing to attain education online. Always remember, there is no age for learning as such. It is when you feel the need to update yourself, you get down to learning.