The Samsung Fingerprint Scanner Flaw

Bugs in gadgets and Softwares come up every now and then, but the most worrisome are the security flaws. Recently a significant security bug was detected on the latest Samsung smartphones. This flaw enables anyone to gain access to a device regardless of whose fingerprint gets scanned.

The reason might be a simple screen protective cover. This can happen when certain screen protectors overlay the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that is found in the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, Note 10 and Note 10 Plus devices. The scanner ends up scanning the screen protector itself, not your fingerprint. Therefore, it is easy for anyone or anything to unlock your phone with the screen protector on it.

The best way to prevent the misuse of such bugs on your smartphone is to remove the screen protector and use a pin or pattern instead. For Galaxy S10 or Note 10 device owners, it would also be a good idea to re-register your fingerprints once you remove the screen covers. Remember to re-register them again once you receive the software patch fix. Hopefully, such issues will be tested in the future.