OnePlus TV U1 Launched – Review, Price & Specifications
OnePlus TV U1 Price, Review, Specification

Most buyers in India do not pay heed to technicalities and specifications before they finalize a television for their home. The two main features that they look for are – affordable prices and trusted brand name for buying a TV. Ever since One Plus has launched the OnePlus TV in India, the tech circuit in India is abuzz with reviews and praise for the television. However, even though Indian buyers adjudge a TV as suitable based on its price and brand name, that doesn’t mean that they do not care for specifications. Therefore, in this article, let us review the specifications and features of the OnePlus TV U1 launched recently.

OnePlus TV U1 Review, New Features and Specifications –

Premium Design

OnePlus Smart TV has what they call a premium design. With a thin 6.9. mm display at the top and the motherboard and other internals positioned at the bottom, the design is as simple and sleek as possible. The bottom closet that houses the internals of the television also has the four speaker-system of the OnePlus TV U1. A panel on the right side of the bottom compartment has five different ports. Three of these ports are the HDMI ports and two of them are USB ports.

In all, the simple design of the OnePlus TV U1 is something that is rarely seen in premium television sets these days. It seems to be the new trend followed by OnePlus as previous models like OnePlus Q1 also had a minimalist design.

Having said that, the design of the OnePlus TV falls short of being perfect. This is because even with the simple yet unusual design of the TV, the company does not provide a wall mount with the box. It means that the customers will have to search a lot for the perfect wall mount to match its design.

OnePlus TV Display

The cinematic screen having an amazingly attractive 95% screen to display ratio makes the display of the OnePlus TV the main attraction in this whole package. Providing a 55-inch screen with 4K display technology based-on the LED-backlit technology can prove to be the winning shot for OnePlus TV U1. The cinematic display of the OnePlus TV is supported by Dolby Vision technology for an enhanced picture quality along with other technologies to improve the audio quality simultaneously. Apart from this, the cinematic display also has the Gamma Engine technology support that provides real-time image optimization & smoother animation as per the viewer’s needs.


The software in the OnePlus TV U1 is not very different from the one in the OnePlus TV Q1. While the basic features remain the same, the OnePlus TV U1 has the Android TV 9 Pie and runs OnePlus’ OxygenPlay & OnePlus Connect as well. Other features like Chromecast, Play Store and Google Assistant enabling are also present. It also has a game mode where you can play any game with latency as low as 22ms.

OnePlus TV U1 Price

While some people may call it an overpriced model, getting a premium television from a company like OnePlus at Rs. 49.999 is still a good deal. Looking at the sleek design, amazing audio, and cinematic display of the OnePlus TV U1, one can say that it deserves the price tag. However, whether an Indian market is ready to accept this fact is something that only time will tell. Price of OnePlus TV is comparable to that of Samsung and Mi.

Final Verdict

So, the verdict is that the OnePlus TV U1 has all the characteristics of becoming your next Smart TV. With an amazing design, surreal display, and having the most updated software, the television scores high on features and specifications. OnePlus TV costs Rs. 49,999 and is a great buy if you can afford it. You can buy it from Amazon or OnePlus Store.