OnePlus Sets An Example With The World’s First AR Smartphone Launch Event For OnePlus Nord
OnePlus Nord AR Launch

OnePlus Nord Launched Using Augmented Reality

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are aimed at providing a composite view when seeing the display. In essence, both the technologies involve the creation of a simulation of the real world that incorporates an interactive environment, that is visually appealing, tracks the user’s movements, and provides good sound quality. During this pandemic, all of us have attended video calls. There will be many readers who must have experienced virtual reality with VR headsets too. But, honestly speaking, getting a feel of Augmented Reality is far better. This dream of ours to experience Augmented Reality was fulfilled by OnePlus recently when it organized an AR launch event for its next smartphone- the OnePlus Nord.

AR Product Launch – A Pleasant Surprise

Before the launch event, most people thought that using Augmented Reality technology on their regular mobile phones or desktops is impossible. As most people did not even know that OnePlus was planning an Augmented Reality launch for OnePlus Nord, the surprise was a bit too pleasant for them. Those who attended the launch event know how amazing it was to just turn the screen and be able to look at the different angles of the mobile specimens as if they were right in your hands. This was probably the first time people weren’t taking pictures of the launched product.

Connecting To The Launch Event

OnePlus had launched an AR app for its events before the release of this mobile phone. It was simple to download the augmented reality app on any mobile phone or desktop with Android or iOS. Although the launch event was recorded and uploaded on the app, it just did not seem like it. There was a large live audience connected, a countdown for the launch, and even an address by the OnePlus Global Director- Carl Pei.

Highlights Of The Event

The best part about the event and the app were that the viewers did not have to make any special arrangements. Just fixing the mobile or the desktop screen and logging into the app was enough. Later, a huge screen appeared within the screen that zoomed-in, and as the launch event started, it displayed the specifications of the OnePlus Nord mobile phone. As the focus shifted onto the mobile phone after the keynote address by Carl Pei, the mobile specimen suddenly split apart in a 3D view. As if this was not enough, viewers could look closer, choose any angle of the model, and push the AR screen into any part of the model to look at its enhanced view.

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Is OnePlus Launching AR Gadgets?

In the past, there have been some virtual product releases as well, but those events only had virtual demos that could not rake up the interest the way an AR launch event did. Experts suggest that although it was just a launch event that was probably held due to a forced decision on part of the OnePlus authorities because of the lockdowns and the pandemic, one can easily Identify the signals that the company is putting out there. The signal is loud and clear. OnePlus is about to enter the race for launching superior augmented reality devices that do not cost as much as the other popular gadgets in the market like HoloLens or Magic Leap do.

Overall, the event was more successful than even OnePlus would have expected. For the viewers, it was a first-time experience where they got a feel of augmented reality on their simple mobile phone screens. Some might say that attending a phone launch event while holding a screen in your hand can be tiring, but one cannot deny that OnePlus has played the role of a trendsetter by organizing such an event. They have set an example for other companies for holding such a launch event, given that the pandemic situation is just getting worse.