OnePlus 8/8 Pro Features – Price, Camera, Display Reviewed

OnePlus Smartphones – Among The Best

OnePlus is probably at the top when it comes to the fastest-growing mobile brands in the world. This brand has only gone from strength to strength over the years. Its reliability among people is now making the brand a force to reckon with in the mobile manufacturing market. OnePlus has produced some of the finest mobile phones in the last few years which have a core that is as appealing as that of Samsung or Apple smartphone. The company has always kept the prices affordable which has contributed to growth in the loyal fanbase. Value for money has always been the USP of OnePlus and they are delivering on that count with every new phone they launch.

OnePlus 8/8Pro Launch Date & Price

The latest mobile phone launched by the company is OnePlus 8. The OnePlus 8 release date was 14th April & is expected to launch around the 15th of May. The price for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro was revealed as well.

OnePlus 8 price is starting at ₹41,999 for 6GB+128GB model, ₹44,999 for 8GB+128GB and ₹49,999 for 12+256 GB model. OnePlus 8 Pro prices for India are ₹54,999 and ₹59,999 for the two variants.

The hike in price for OnePlus 8 is the greatest hike in the history of OnePlus to date. However, the experts suggest that the price hike is justifiable for a smartphone with 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 technology. Although, many countries still have a long way to go for 5G roll-out.

Features of OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro –

We can see that the company has ditched the circular camera module for the new models, which was anyways not favoured by fans. Initially, when OnePlus decided to launch OnePlus 8 alongside OnePlus 8 Pro, many suggested that it might be a blunder. Because, after the success of OnePlus 7T, the phone did not seem to be any better than its predecessor.

Though these misconceptions were settled once all the features were revealed. The only similarities in OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are – Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, 16 MP front camera, and the design.

Features of OnePlus 8 –

  • Display – 6.55-inch AMOLED screen, 90Hz refresh rate
  • Colours –  Glacial Green, Onyx Black, Interstellar Glow
  • Main Camera – 48MP primary, 16MP ultrawide, and 2MP macro lens
  • Variants – 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage, or 12GB of RAM with 256GB of storage
  • Battery – 4,300mAh battery
  • RAM – 8GB / 12GB LPDDR4X

Features of OnePlus 8 Pro –

  • Display – 6.78-inch AMOLED screen, 120Hz refresh rate
  • Colours –  Glacial Green, Onyx Black, Interstellar Glow
  • Back Camera – 48MP primary, 48MP ultrawide, 8MP 3x telephoto, and 5MP colour filter
  • Variants – 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage, or 12GB of RAM with 256GB of storage
  • Battery – 4,510mAh battery, Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charging
  • RAM – 8GB / 12GB LPDDR5
  • Waterproof rating – IP68

You can check more specs on the official website.


The cheaper models of OnePlus phones have always had flat screens while mobile phones like OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7T have had water-fall style curved surfaces. This time around, OnePlus 8 brings you a waterfall curved surface itself, marking the presence of such a design for the first time for the cheaper models’ series. Both come with three colour choices – Glacial Green, Onyx Black & Interstellar Glow.


Theoretically, one can say that the display offered by the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro is not as high-resolution as some other mobile phones available today. This means that it’s picture quality and resolution will not be good while watching high-definition media. But, when you use the mobile phone in real-time, you get to see that there is no difference as such. It works just as fine as you’d want it to and probably has a brighter display than the previous OnePlus models.

Camera Performance

OnePlus has decided to pack the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro models with triple cameras. The 48MP main camera works as well as any other good camera in the market today. However, the zoomed pictures tend to lose definition. The 16MP and 48 MP ultrawide lens is perfect. It can capture both indoor and outdoor shots with great precision and brightness. Overall, the camera keeps the reputation of the OnePlus cameras high but the update for a better zoom feature would have been great.

Should You Upgrade To OnePlus 8/8 Pro?

Now the question remains that should you upgrade your current phone and buy the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro? People who skipped the previous flagship because of the design should buy it. If you want a phone that has 5G connectivity at low cost, a smooth-running latest Android version, overall light-weight mobile phone packed with excellent features then, you should give OnePlus 8 a chance. If you want an even better camera, 5G, wireless charging and IP68 waterproof smartphone then you must consider buying OnePlus 8 Pro.