Best Music & Podcast Apps For Android & iOS

The kind of music created in each passing generation is different but what is undeterred is the peoples’ love for music. Several music streaming apps are launched every day but only a few make it to the top list and later into the quick access of users’ smartphones. How people listen to music has evolved dramatically and many music streaming apps have gained much-deserved popularity. Before the inception of music streaming apps people used to buy CD or cassettes to store their favourite songs. From gramophones and radio to online music, the experience of listening to music has transformed a lot.

Before we begin there are many common features in these top music apps that are loved by everyone, such as –

  • Unlimited song download – This feature is available with the paid version in all the apps
  • Lyrics – You can read the lyrics of your favourite song on the app by clicking on the view lyrics option
  • Recommended playlists and songs – The app recommends songs in the ‘Daily Mix’ playlist which is curated based on the songs you listen to
  • Ad-free version – You can buy ad-free versions of all these apps where you get benefits such as uninterrupted music and offline playback. Also, there are certain benefits you can get with these memberships which are mentioned below

Here are some of the top music streaming apps ­–


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming app with over 500M+ downloads on Google Play and has recently been launched in India. It has a paid as well as a free version, where the paid version is ad-free and comes along with unlimited on-demand playback and download option which enables you to listen to uninterrupted music offline. Genius, a lyrics provider, has joined forces with Spotify for the ‘View Lyrics’ feature of Spotify. The best thing to note about this app is the huge library of songs. You will be able to find songs which might not available on any other platform.

Apart from this, there is a podcast option where you can listen to podcasts from genres like True crime, News and Politics, Comedy, Sports and Recreation, Educational, Health and Lifestyle, Arts and Entertainment and many more. You can enjoy 3 months of the trial period and choose a Spotify premium plan later. The plan starts at INR 13 per day and 39 per week respectively and goes up to INR 129 per month and INR 1189 annual plan. If you are a student, then you can get the premium version for INR 59 per month. You can download it from Google Play or Apple App Store.


Gaana app or also known as, which was launched in 2010, has over 100M+ downloads on Google Play. This app will be loved by Bollywood music lovers as it has a collection of songs across Hindi, Marathi and many other regional languages along with English songs from top artists like Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Drake and many more.

You can get 1 year Gaana Plus for ₹ 399, 3 months subscription for ₹ 199, Students can get it for ₹ 149 for a year! Download it from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Wynk Music

Airtel owned music streaming app Wynk Music offers an expert-curated library of over 3 million songs. It also supports the feature of chrome cast. We noticed that even with slow internet speeds you can stream music online. It has a collection of all songs from the latest Bollywood hits to International artists.

The Wynk Plus monthly membership costs are INR 29 for android and INR 60 for iOS (For Airtel Subscribers). The disadvantage of this app is that it will work for Non-Airtel Subscriber-only if they are using the app through a Wi-Fi connection for downloading the songs. The plans are INR 99 for Android and INR 120 for iOS. You and download it from Google Play or Apple App Store.


JioSaavn app has over 100M downloads on Google Play. This app will mostly be preferred by Jio network users as they get complimentary 90 days of JioSaavn Pro version. It has a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood songs as well as podcasts from many different genres. The membership costs INR 99 per month and 399 annually. In the offer period, you can get the annual plan INR 299. For new Jio 4G network users you can get a 90-days complimentary subscription. You can download it from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Amazon Prime Music

The Amazon Prime Music comes along with Amazon’s Prime subscription. The famous Alexa assistant is also built into this app to give hands-free accessibility. It has a collection of all songs from retro classics to the latest EDM hits. You can play music across any device like Amazon Echo speaker, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc. The subscription rates are – INR 129/month plan and INR 999 for the annual plan. You can also get it on offer at INR 329 for 3 months. In this membership, you also get to enjoy other prime features such as – One-Day and Two-Day free delivery, Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, Early access to exclusive deals. You can download it from Google Play as well as Apple App Store.