Jewel Changi Airport – A Must Visit Place In Singapore

Singapore Airport has already been awarded the title of ‘World’s Best Airport’ for 7 years in a row. And with ‘Jewel’ opened to the public in April 2019, it seems that there will be no competition anytime soon.

Jewel Changi Airport, also known as Jewel or Jewel Changi, is an indoor rainforest-themed lifestyle hub that encloses entertainment as well as retail complex at Changi Airport, Singapore. It is located between the control tower and terminal 1 and links three of its terminals and open 24×7. The majestic 40-metre tall ‘Rain Vortex’, an indoor waterfall and is one of the centrepiece attractions at Jewel Changi Airport.

Attractions at Jewel Changi Airport

Shiseido Forest Valley
Shiseido Forest Valley

Singapore is already known as the City in a Garden but Shiseido Forest Valley alone houses around 3,000 trees and 60,000 shrubs of 120 species that live in high-altitude tropical forests from around the world.

The Shiseido Forest Valley is one of Asia’s largest indoor gardens, spanning five stories and 22,000 square meters located in the heart of Jewel Changi Airport. It is designed by Shiseido and teamLab, a company based in Japan. You can either stay at the bottom and enjoy the breathtaking view or go up hiking through the Walking Trails to reach the topmost level.

The Rain Vortex

Jewel Changi Airport features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall which stands 130 feet high (40 meters) and flows through the core of the building. With Jewel Changi announcing naming rights partnership, this iconic amalgamation of nature and engineering will be known as the ‘HSBC Rain Vortex’ for the next 5 years. All the water is harvested from the rain and pumped to the roof to free-fall straight into a basement-level pool.

The Rain Vortex is designed by WET Design. All the 37,850 litres of water is caught by an acrylic funnel which dramatically reduces the sound of the waterfall and splashing. The toroid-shaped roof is made up of more than 9,000 pieces of glass.

The Changi Airport Skytrain connects the terminals and passes above ground, allowing passengers remaining airside to get a really close look at the waterfall.

Canopy Park

Canopy Park is situated at the topmost level. It spans 14,000 sqm and each 5$ entry ticket includes entry to Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Petal Garden and Topiary Walk. Whereas, you will additional entry tickets for Canopy Bridge, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Manulife – Walking Sky Net and Manulife – Bouncing Sky Net. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance. It is worth visiting as it offers scenic views for taking photos.

The Topiary Walk features animal-shaped topiaries, while the Petal Garden showcases seasonal floral displays. Both the places will be loved by kids and adults alike. Foggy Bowls is an ideal place for kids to have fun in grass-covered bowls of mist that comes out from tiny holes at scheduled intervals.

The Canopy Bridge is suspended 23 meters above the ground and offers a panoramic view of the Jewel. This bridge is the closest you can get to the Rain Vortex from above. It is located on level 5 and open from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Canopy Mazes

Canopy Mazes at Jewel Changi
Canopy Mazes

Jewel Changi has Singapore’s largest hedge maze with its walls standing at 1.8m high. Some of the hedges can be pushed to make another path. The Hedge Maze ends at an elevated watchtower that offers a bird’s-eye view of the entire maze. The Mirror Maze is located under the dome and is covered by branches on top. Both mazes are located on Level 5 and open from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

Sky Nets
The Sky Nets

The Sky Nets, also called the Manulife Sky Nets for sponsorship reasons, offers Bouncing as well as Walking Nets. The Bouncing Net is 250 meters long, suspended 8 metres above the Canopy Park. Manulife Bouncing Sky Net is a 50-meter long Walking Net that enables visitors to look down 25 meters to Jewel’s Level 1.

Ticket to Sky Nets includes admission to Canopy Park as well. Entry Fees are – Manulife Sky Nets – Bouncing (Adult – SGD 22 & Child – SGD 16) & Manulife Sky Nets – Walking (Adult – SGD 15 & Child – SGD 10).

Discovery Slides
Discovery Slides

The Discovery Slides in Jewel Changi is designed by Carve and built by Playpoint, a company based out of Singapore that designs innovative playground and landscape products. Visitors can view the Forest Valley and the Rain Vortex. It features four integrated slides: two tube slides and two sliding surfaces. The entire structure sits at an incline, 3m high on one end, and close to 7m on the other.

Make sure to visit Jewel Changi Airport the next time you travel to Singapore!