10 Best Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a revolution in itself. While it has changed the scene of the digital network by leaps and bounds, there are still many people who are unaware of this revolutionary tech. Internet of Things is a modern technology that was launched in the 1980s.

The start of the IoT projects took place at the Carnegie Melon University when the students decided to connect a Coca-Cola vending machine with the internet. After connecting the machine with the internet, they decided to program an application that could monitor the temperature and other parameters of the machine. After the success of this initial project, the Internet of Things was finally considered as technology and then many IoT applications were made around the world.

Best Applications of IoT

Smart Homes

Smart Homes are one of the best applications of the Internet of Things to date. It is even more successful because of the awareness that people have about this idea. Having internet-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home Voice Controller can help in accessing almost all services in the home is a great help that more buyers are looking for these days.

Smart Cities

We all must be knowing about the government’s initiative of forming smart cities in the country. This idea of smart cities is fuelled by the Internet of Things technology. As for the Smart City idea, the use of this technology can help in managing common problems of people such as traffic, pollution, delay in services, etc. Mass-scale IoT projects like these are being developed for the future of the country.

Smart Industry

Although the scope of the industrial internet is limited to the major industries and to the owners of big industrial houses, this has been a revolution for the market. Because it has made the handling of important data much more efficient and has fastened the industrial projects.

Connected Health

The importance of the Connected Health is felt more intensely amidst the difficult times such as the COVID-19 Pandemic. The idea of Connected Health is that the health services without the urgent need of physical examination, provided through a digital network. This technology is named as ‘Telemedicine’.

Special Grids

A mass project, that was estimated to affect millions of people, was the ‘Special Grids’ idea utilizing the Internet of Things technology. It uses a network to assess the production by electricity agencies and consumption trends of the consumers. This proved to be a great idea to make electricity generation and transmission more efficient.

Smart Retail

The concept of smart retail has picked up big time. Many agencies and start-ups have become multimillion-dollar enterprises just by investing in this smart retail business. These are the agencies that deliver retail items to homes by accepting orders via apps.

Smart Farming

Smart farming is the future of the Internet of Things. It is going to be a game-changer for the Countries that export agriculture-related products. It would also help the farmers in improving their yield and utilizing digital networks for procurement and selling of their produce.

IoT Sensors

IoT Sensors are the most advanced form of the sensors available today. These are installed at the most common places and can assess parameters like temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide levels, etc. To connect with other servers to relay the information.

IoT Data Analytics

IoT data analytics is the future for all data science companies. Data science in itself is a gold mine and the utilization of data analytics can help in efficient data handling with faster results. IoT applications in data analytics will become indispensable in the future.

Smart Barcode Reader

Another great use for the retail sector of the Internet of Things is the Smart barcode reader. This barcode reader apart from identifying the product can help in managing cloud data connections to ease the management of any inventory. It will inform the supply department on products that need to be restocked, automatically place order and make the payment.

Key Takeaway

These were some of the best inventions and applications of The Internet of Things. The manner in which the technology is rising, one can easily suggest that even these applications will become obsolete, and even better ones will come up in the near future. IoT advantages are countless as of now. This technology is changing the business landscape of most Industries today and therefore it is the next big thing to watch out for.