How To Be Well Prepared For Video Conferences

The coronavirus outbreak has brought about a major change in our professional lives. All business operations have transformed from regular office workers to digital businesses. With work from home becoming the new norm, all of us have somehow managed to get ourselves acquainted with video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc.

Personal And Technical Problems

Video conferencing has its share of problems. While some of them are personal, the technical glitches with these video conferencing platforms are also prominent. Common issues must be known beforehand because if something goes wrong amid an important video conference, you can be blamed for it even if you were unaware of such a possibility.

Important Preparations Before Video Conference

Check Webcam Preview

The first preparation that you should always make and ensure is that your webcam is working properly. Whichever platform you are using and on whatever device, you should check your webcam beforehand. It is known to cause problems during sessions and therefore, being safe from the beginning is a practical thing to do. You should check the button to turn the webcam on and off if a situation arises.

Microphone- When To Mute/Unmute

Similarly, you should test your microphone before the commencement of your video meeting. You should ensure that your mic is mute in case you are an attendee to avoid any microphone disturbances. If you are the speaker, then you must inform the same to others as well.

Preparations On Part Of The Family

Ensure that your family is also prepared for the video conferencing as much as you are. By this, we mean that they should be knowing that you are in the midst of a video conference and should ensure a workable atmosphere with minimum disturbance.

What To Do If The Video Stops?

There will be times when even after checking, the video camera will not work properly. In such a situation, you should not keep shuffling with the video settings but should rather focus on the audio aspect and listening to what others are saying. Just keep the conference moving on and it will have similar success as it normally has.

Be Updated About Controversial Platforms

Being aware of the latest updates and even the problems faced by users of a particular video conference platform is necessary. This is because any problem that occurs with its functioning can hamper the success of any meeting. Privacy issues reported with video conference apps like Zoom can lead to a major data breach.

Checking The Network

If the audio becomes choppy and the essential features like screen sharing are showing an unexpected delay, then you should understand that the bandwidth of the network and the signal strength are not ideal. You can just take a break there and try mending things with your router, 4G/4G+ internet or hotspot connection.

Check Your Background

In a professional video meet, you must make sure that your background is free of any unwanted things and is tidied up. It is preferable to have sufficient light wherever you plan to sit. You can also set up a virtual background for the meeting.

In A Nutshell

The coronavirus outbreak has forced us to stay and work at home. This has placed a sudden increase in demand and turn, the load on these platforms. As users, a sense of responsibility calls for being aware of the technical issues with them. At the same time, keeping our data safe and preventing any breach is important. Following a ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ guide will be a great idea until whatever time this situation persists.