How Coronavirus Can Impact Our Lifestyle In Future

The COVID-19 Syndrome

Coronavirus is probably the biggest threat that the modern mankind has ever experienced. It is proving to be disastrous as it has been the reason behind thousands of deaths across continents today. Many countries have opted for social distancing and countrywide lockdowns to prevent the spread of disease. But, since the cases seem to spike every day despite all these measures, it is difficult to estimate how long the lockdown will continue.

Coronavirus Is Here to Stay

Under the lockdown, the life we are living is nothing similar to what it used to be. The WHO keeps reiterating that the fight against the COVID-19 has just begun and that the challenge is prolonged. So, it is in this regard that we contemplate and take a look at the lifestyle changes that we need to incur to live our lives with the corona scare looming over us continuously.

Limited Socialising

Social distancing is bound to become a norm now. In such a scenario, meeting people and hanging out will take a back seat out of compulsion and fear. Phone calls and social media will be the biggest support that will help us in not becoming inert at a social level. Contemporary lifestyle will see a major change in this respect and compliance will become necessary, although unwillingly.

Shopping For Essentials

Shopping for daily necessities is still being permitted by the government. Because lockdown, or no lockdown everyone needs the essentials. But shopping in general, will not be the same as it was before the pandemic spread. We will be extra cautious in just venturing out to malls or markets. Special protective equipment will be mandatory and strict protocols might be introduced. So, shopping can potentially become just an essential task & not a leisure activity.

Eating Habits & Cleanliness

The eating habits that we have in the lockdown are already very much altered. In the coming days, one can expect that eating out and going to restaurants will be a rare feat for everybody. Therefore, the preferences and the habits that we will be having relating to our appetite will get modified further. People will start adopting healthier eating as well as cleaning habits from now on.

Greeting People

Close contact is the primary mode of transmission of the coronavirus exponentially within communities. Our regular greeting practices of handshakes and hugs might become obsolete. Everybody will be cautious in touching an unknown object for that matter. The traditional Indian “Namaste” and waving will become the new norm for greeting.

The Work From Home Culture

The work from home culture is becoming popular amidst the lockdowns. It’s possible that even after the lockdown is lifted, it will be the only option left with the employers as well as the employees to sustain in a job without the risk of contracting the virus. This has in turn increased the demand for 4G internet and content consumption.

Key Takeaway

These are testing times for all of us. One can’t deny that the fear and apprehension about the present situation is immense. It is under these situations that important changes need to be accepted in our lives so that the changes serve as a good coping mechanism for us. The battle is hard, but we shall overcome.