Google Might Soon Start Labelling Sluggish Sites With ‘Speed Badging’

In this content-rich era, very few have the time to wait for a web page to load. People bounce off sluggish websites in mere seconds. To tackle this problem, Google might soon start labelling slow loading websites with speed badges. The Google’ Chrome team stated on Chromium Blog that “In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging.” In the recent Google Developer Summit, it was made clear that speed will be the new focus for Google this year. E-commerce, Banking and Finance and Telecom websites will be majorly affected by such naming and shaming.

Google will take into account historical loading time as well as other criteria and start labelling websites that are designed in a way that makes them slower. This will in-turn add pressure on web-developers to build a better website overall by using many tools available that make website and apps more user-friendly. For example, there’s recent update in Google Search Console where you get a detailed report with FCP (First Contentful Paint – a measure of how long it takes for a page to begin rendering) and FID (First Input Delay – a measure of how long it takes a page to start responding to user actions).

It might also start rewarding quick-loading websites with positive ‘speed badging’. There might be an addition of green progress bar for fast-loading sites.

Will speed badging be helpful for websites?

This update might make a negative impact on CTR for some. In the long-term, it will have an added advantage to websites that offer high-quality browsing experience as people will be able to see if the site will load slowly, which will help them decide whether to visit it or not. But what if your internet connection is making the website load slower? In such cases, Google might let you know if your device or connection is the cause for it.