Top-5 Free Keyword Research Tools For Effortless SEO

Google rankings can make or break your brand, website or your blog. What helps your site to rank on Google? Many things. Out of these many things, one of the most important and basic thing is ‘Keywords’.

Why Use These Free Tools When You Have Google Keyword Planner?

  1. Google keyword planner does not provide you with additional information like search data from YouTube, Bing, PlayStore, Instagram, Twitter, Yandex, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, Alibaba, etc.
  2. These Free Keyword research tools can be used by anyone with zero SEO knowledge
  3. Will help to make an exhaustive list of keywords for keyword mapping
  4. Keywords can be searched according to different geographic location
  5. Useful for beginners and also social media influencers

These Are The Best 5 Free Keyword Research Tools –

Keyword Tool –

Free Keyword Tool
  • Geo-Location – This tool supports Geo location-based searches, where you can search keyword pattern and ideas in different locations around the globe. It is essential if you have an international client or you are targeting international customers.
  • Language – You can search for keyword ideas in different languages.
  • Social Media Data – Keyword data from social media platforms – Instagram and Twitter. For Instagram, it will give you the data of most popular hashtags and even accounts related to that keyword. You can see the number of posts for only a few top hashtags as this feature is available only for Keyword Tool Pro subscriber. Nevertheless, this will be helpful in case you are an influencer and have an Instagram or Twitter page.
  • Long Tail Queries – You can think only as much when compiling a list of long-tail keywords. This tool can help you generate and extract long-tail queries and prepositions. These are the queries asked by actual users and hence have more intent and. The more intent the better your click-through rate as it will also help your website rank higher.
  • Export Option – You can export it by copying to clipboard, exporting it in excel or CSV format. The only drawback of Keyword Tool is that; you cannot get the exact search volume for the keyword.

Keyword IO –

Free Tool for Keyword Research

This tool is similar to the above-mentioned tool except you can search for keywords on eBay, Fiverr and Fotolia. Whether searching for a product or understanding what others are buying, entering a keyword is the first step. This tool will help people working for an E-commerce company or themselves have a product to sell. This tool will help you determine the demand for the product along with the searches related to the same.

Ubersuggest –

Ubersuggest for Keyword Research

This free SEO tool can be used to extract keyword ideas, content ideas, prepositions, questions for a keyword or even a website. You can use this tool to get ideas for content and creating catchy titles. It not just provides keyword ideas and search volume but also displays Google SERP result with the following data –

  • Estimated Monthly Visits – The estimated traffic a web page gets from google for a particular term
  • Backlinks – The number of backlinks a particular page gets from other domains
  • Domain Score – Domain score is a major determining factor to rank on Google. The higher the domain the better as the site is considered more authoritative.
  • Social Shares – Total number of shares on social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter etc.

Keyword Discovery –

Find new keywords for SEO

This keyword tool is helpful to find related keywords such as boots, footwear, shoe, sandals, bellies, loafers, bottes, boot, heels, sneakers, runners, etc. You can extract data of keywords related to the same industry which might be helpful while figuring out the most popular search terms that are driving traffic to sites in various industries. This data can help you to compare the keywords you are currently receiving traffic for, with that of your competitors in the same industry.

Keyword Finder –

SEO keywords with low competition

This free keyword research tool is similar to the others above. It is also available as a Google extension and requires a no-cost login. Keyword Finder shows average cost-per-click in Google Ads, PPC – Level of competition in Google Ads as well as the difficulty level for ranking the keyword in Google SERP. It also displays the trend of the input keyword and the suggested keywords in the specific selected region and supports many different languages.