Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 Safely At Home

Mother’s Day, a day to honour mothers in our family, a day to honour the bond, the motherhood and beautiful influence they cast upon the world.

The first mother’s day was celebrated in 1908, during a memorial of Ann Reeves Jarvis, mother of Anna Jarvis, which was held by her daughter at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Ann Jarvis created Mother’s Day Work Club to help the soldiers from both sides during the American Civil Wars.

Anna Jarvis, her daughter wanted to honor her mother’s work and wanted to keep aside one day just for mothers all over the world because she thought that the only person who did more of us than anyone in the world is our mothers. After all, our mother is the reason we are existing in this world and she deserves our love and respect. She has always been a constant source of inspiration for us.

There are several ways you can make your mother feel special. During these days, where the whole country is on lockdown, going out seems like an impossible idea. Though there are many ways in which you could celebrate this day safely at home.

Some of the ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 are listed below –

Breakfast in Bed

Begin by cooking and serving her favorite breakfast in bed. Take a beautiful picture of her reaction as it will serve as a precious memory for you. Surprise her by making her favorite cake at home. You can learn recipes on recipe apps such as BBC GoodFood or Yummy Recipe App and Tasty.

Pamper Her

During such times when everything is under lockdown and beauty treatments are unavailable, you can make a makeshift salon & spa at home. For this special day be a masseuse and try comforting her by giving foot and head massage or a manicure. You can go through several ideas and DIY homemade skin-care tips to keep her looking good. For this, you can refer websites such as Allure & Stylecraze.

Clean The House

Cleaning the house seems like a gift that your mother would surely love. Sure she will keep a check on you whether you are cleaning properly or not but the thought and effort would surely count.

Play Her Favorite Tunes

A unique and quite brilliant mother day gift idea during lockdown is by offering her favorite tunes to her. You can arrange for some musician on a video call and request for her favorite song to be played. This loving gesture of yours will always be remembered. Our pick – Spotify & JioSaavn.

Revisit Old Memories

The best way to celebrate mothers’ day is to revisit your beautiful past with her and trying reconnecting with her which will also strengthen your relationship. You can take out all the photo albums and share it with your family.

Surprise Her With A Lovely Gift

Gift is something that can make anyone of any age group happy. If you know your mother’s choices and likings, then buy the gift from online stores delivering at your location. Post lockdown buy her beautiful apparel or accessories and there are many more things which can be offered to her as a little gesture for immense love for her.

Playing Online Games

There are many online games such as Ludo King, Uno, Scribble, etc. which are free and easy to play. This will make her revitalize from inactivity or the stressful work from home schedule. Our pick – UNO

Movie Night

To end this special day, we recommend you organize a movie night. Our pick would be Netflix, Amazon Prime & Voot. You can also organize a Netflix Party for long-distance movie nights with her friends as well as family of up to 1,000,000 people. You don’t need any additional app or software except for Netflix to host movie nights. All you need is the Netflix Party extension on your Chrome browser. You can also use other alternatives like Rave, Metastream, Watch Party, Gaze, etc.

Don’t let the lockdown dampen your plans to celebrate your bond. Comment below if you tried any of the above tips. Happy Mother’s Day!