Free SEO & Website Audit Tools Every SEO Expert Should Know About!

Auditing a website is a painstaking task especially if done manually. With so many pages and multiple factors for every single page, it consumes a lot of time. Thankfully, there are many SEO and website audit tools online where you can analyze your website. But most of them are paid ones or even when they are free, they do not provide accurate and complete data. We have compiled a list of free website audit tools which can be used by anyone to analyze website for free and check important SEO as well as technical parameters.

Benefits of Using A Free Website Audit Tool –

  • Reduces manual effort and time
  • These tools are free to use
  • They are easy to learn even for beginners
  • Helps to create and analyze reports
  • Most of them support bulk checking
  • Very helpful for a non-technical person
  • Competitor analysis – Find what your competitors are doing differently

Not every tool has all the features packed in one, but you can refer different tools to perform different audit tasks such as checking page structure, meta tags, number of internal and external backlinks, accessibility, SSL certificate, Google bot access, duplicate content, HTTPS status, number of words, keyword density, page speed and much more. Moreover, these tools can provide you with a summary of what could be improved on your website. These tools are also a great medium for learning as each metric has information on what and why it is being measured. If not, you can always search for it on Google. There is a separate list of free keyword research tool to help you out for building a keyword bucket.

Here’s A List Of The Best Website Auditing Tools –

Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I on Chrome Browser)

SEO audit tool by Google

Lighthouse is a free audit tool and SEO checker by Google to help web developers analyze and make better websites. It can be accessed through the audit panel in Chrome DevTools or using an extension from the chrome web store. To run audits in Lighthouse, all you have to do is –

  1. Open the URL on Google Chrome Browser
  2. Press the Ctrl+Shift+I command
  3. Select the parameters you want to audit and click on ‘Run audits’ option at the bottom
  4. If you want to open the report in a separate window, click on ‘Generate report’ which you can find in the extension

This tool runs a series of inspections, testing various factors like performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO, etc. and generates a page performance report.

It provides data such as –

  • Performance – Analyzes the time it takes for the page to be interactive, First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Max Potential First Input Delay, etc.
  • Accessibility – Tests how the page can be made more accessible to any user with [aria] and [id], [lang], captions and description attributes

SEO – Check for meta tags like title and description, HTTP status codes, hreflang, canonical and much more


Free Tool for Checking Website SEO and Technical Audit

The SEO checker in this tool analyzes data like –

  • Meta data – Title, Description, Canonicals, Crawlability, Alternate/Hreflang Links, Charset Encoding, Doctype, Favicon
  • Page quality – H1 tags, Page structure, SEO friendly formats like Lists and Tables, Frames, Mobile optimization, Bold and strong tags, Social networks widgets
  • Content check – Number of words, Number of words per sentence
  • Backlinks – Number of internal and external backlinks, Links from top domains, Blacklists, Number of referring domains
  • Server configuration – HTTP redirects, HTTP header

Varvy SEO Tool

Free Website Auditing Tool

Varvy SEO tool has a simple interface where you can analyze your own or your competitors’ website as well with data such as –

  • Detects sitemaps for search engine as well as users
  • Paid links – It checks your page for any advertisements and also scans whether they are properly tagged as ‘nofollow’ or blocked by robots.txt
  • Googlebot access – Check whether all CSS and JavaScript files are visible to Googlebot
  • Device compatibility – Size of tap targets and texts, page responsiveness for smartphones and tablets
  • Page speed – Checks for page speed issues such as redirects, render-blocking CSS and JS, server response time, First Contentful Paint (FIP)
  • SSL certificate and Meta tags check


Free SEO Checker and Website Audit Tool

This is a great tool for analyzing the website of a competitor as it provides a large number of data such as –

  • Keyword consistency – Checks whether keywords are consistent enough and well distributed among important HTML tags
  • Identifies the number of broken links on your webpage
  • SSL certificate and checks if the website has been flagged safe by popular malware scanners such as Google Safe Browsing, McAfee, Norton and AVG
  • Number of resources – Identifies the total number of files that need to be retrieved from web servers to load your page
  • Social presence – Checks activity on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more

Neil Patel

Free Website Auditor Tools by Neil Patel

This is a very popular tool by Neil Patel. It provides a list of top SEO issues on your website to speed up your work. This tool gives data such as –

  • Organic monthly traffic – The number of monthly visitors that come through Google SERP
  • Domain rating – Overall strength of the website based on many factors such as backlinks, traffic, referring domains etc.
  • Number of backlinks – This tool not just displays the number of incoming links from other websites, but allows you to view them with a filter such as follow, nofollow and one link per domain
  • Keyword analysis – Important for building a complete keyword bucket as well as keyword mapping
  • Website loading speed for Desktop and Mobile

Remember to run all such site and SEO auditor tools in incognito mode, as chrome extensions might interfere with the functioning of some of the tools.