Android vs iOS – An Everlasting Debate

While most people are broadly aware of the coexistence of the two major operating systems in the smartphone industry – Android and iOS operating systems. Others cut a sorry figure whenever asked about the differences between these two.

Not that you necessarily have to have an opinion on this “Android Vs iOS” debate to run your mobile phone. But it sure does boil down to those key differences between the two when choosing a new phone. Let’s take a look at the technicalities and try eradicating any confusion that might be remaining about the issue.

These are some key differences between Android and iOS –

Starting with the basics, it should be noted that iOS was launched by Apple with its primary version being released in the year 2007. In 2008, Google developed the Android software on similar lines and ever since both of these systems have had their share of highs and lows.

App Store – iOS

Starting from the most primary source of comparison, we should look into the play stores of both smartphones. It should be stated that this uphill task of organizing millions of applications and providing recommendations to users is done satisfactorily by both. For example, there are about 650+ music apps only on Google Play Store, out of which only a few find a permanent space in users’ smartphones.

The difference is observed when considering the quality of these apps in terms of value addition, security and interface. Apple Store is a tad bit more organized and provides more precise recommendations to its users as compared to its competitor. Also, iOS has more control over the apps that make it to Apple Store, resulting in app developers putting in added security & privacy settings.

Though there are several ways in which you could check how secure your mobile & apps within are. One way is by using a root checker app. With such apps, you can identify threats like malware, emulators, viruses, data breaching & spy apps which are not easily identifiable by antivirus software.

A Smoother Software – Android

But not everything is rosy with iOS. Although updates are necessary, it is observed that software updates acquire more memory & tend to significantly slow down the device performance. The company confirmed, in 2017, that it did slow down some models as they aged to ‘prolong the life’ of the smartphones, for which it was fined $27 million.

On the other hand, software updates have been very well managed by Android. Timely updates for technical glitches, better interface, improved security & bug fixes are taken well care of.

Common Man’s Choice- Android

The debate amidst users of both platforms keeps propelling due to the other major difference, i.e. the target audience. Affordability has a great influence on the rating of any product as such. The same is the case with operating systems. If we judge Android smartphones vs iOS on this scale, then it can be seen that android phones offer almost all features given by Apple devices. Manufacturers can maintain a rather affordable market price as well. This makes Android a popular choice for users looking for a feature-packed smartphone on a budget.

Customization Differences – Android

Not just the price, but also the customizability of Android is far better than iOS in multiple ways. Let’s start with the simplest of things. You can download and install applications from Google Play Store as well as APK files from around the web. Whereas, iOS will not allow the installation of an unauthorized app. Similarly, among more complex customization options, Android allows users to have a custom ROM while it cannot be done on iOS in any way.

Mobile Security – iOS

While our balanced analysis has indicated why Android is better than iOS, it cannot be denied that in some domains iOS is a notch above Android. One of these factors is device security. When we say that iOS is limitedly customizable, this adds to its security and safety protocols as well. More independence for customizations in Android can sometimes lead to lapses in security. It is something that raises concerns about the safety involved in using Android. You might unknowingly download a malicious app and compromise your sensitive data.

Final Takeaway

In totality, the Android Vs iOS debate is a never-ending one. Both these operating systems have their loyal users who are constantly promoting their trusted operating systems. As a neutral reader or maybe a novice, you should be making a fair analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. And then make a suitable choice, depending on your usage & needs.