Amazon Halo – A Fitness and Body Tracking Band

Amazon Halo Smart Band

Ever since smartwatches, Apple Watch and fitness trackers became popular, everybody was thinking if Amazon is thinking of venturing into this market. While Amazon had been dormant in this regard for a long time, it seems that it has now entered with a bang. Amazon is all set to launch its new band called the Amazon Halo band. The Amazon Halo band will be a fitness tracker and smartwatch product just like its counterparts from Apple. However, it would not have a regular screen. To know the other startling features of the Amazon Halo band, follow along.

Amazon Halo Price

The Amazon Halo band is priced at 99.99 dollars. Moreover, for some of the advanced & additional features, users will have to subscribe to a service costing around four dollars. Amazon is currently having a discount on the product and offering it for $64.99 only. Not just this, the service requirement for the additional features was made free for around six months. People who tried the Amazon Halo band gave positive reviews that have created a tremendous buzz for the product.

Creating a Niche with Screenless Fitness Band

Talking about the features of the Amazon Halo bands, the most striking feature is that it does not have a screen. Experts suggest that since Amazon entered late into this market, so now it is creating a niche for itself using a screen-less Halo band for the same. It is evident that Amazon Halo is not going to be an Apple Watch, that would display regular messages, and neither will it only be focused on sports activities tracking your heart rate, breathing, etc. The band will somewhere be in between, that could provide you with the best of both worlds. It is focused on providing and identifying information about lifestyle changes.

Amazon Halo – Features Available

The technical features of the Amazon Halo band are also quite interesting. A cardio tracker would monitor your cardiovascular activity. Sleep monitor and a body fat checker, to again point out any lapses in your lifestyle that are creating a problem for your body. Another striking feature that is also made available in the Amazon Halo band is that Amazon is all set to partner with some local agencies and set up a ‘Labs’ feature. Here, you could have access to research labs that would easily monitor your parameters, to convey to you the risks of any forthcoming disease.

Is Amazon Halo a Medical Device?

Amazon strongly objects to the description of the Halo band as a medical device. It says that since it has not asked for the approval of the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, people should not tag the band as a medical device. The Amazon Halo band has a simple sensor and strap. The same design followed by the Apple smartwatch, and several other fitness trackers. However, the lack of a screen means that you will have to wear another device on your hand so that you can see your fitness parameters like steps walked in a day, heart rate, etc., or to check your messages.

The Amazon Halo is a very attractive product being offered by one of the greatest retailers in the world today. Hence, there is a tremendous amount of security and safety associated with it too. However, the lack of basic facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS tracking, etc. are the shortcomings of this otherwise great product. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a fitness tracker or a smartwatch and considering that the Amazon Halo will fulfil those requirements, you are mistaken.